Whiskey River Band

Charles performed with this band for about 10 years. The group was formed by 3 high school buddies in the 70’s.

Randy Latiolais (Randy James), Jimmy Mizzi, and Charles Ventre started playing music together in high school (1966) with The Swinging Machines.

Whiskey River, an R&B band from Opelousas, Louisiana, was based out of Evergreen, Colorado.

The group played extensively across the United States and Canada through out the 70’s.

The other Whiskey River band members were: Laurie Mestayer (Big Mama), Hoyt Cuti, Wayne Phillips, Becky Leavell, Frank Guitreau, Billy Chesson, Cheryl Dyson, and Bryan Peters. A minimum of 8 members at any given time, along with wives, kids, and dogs. This was a real traveling medicine show, aka “Mad Dogs and Cajuns”.

No band would be complete with out The Roadies / Soundmen: John Lamana and Bill Bradford.

The band was very popular on the ski resort circuit in Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana

The culmination of this band was a recording of classic rhythm and blues songs entitled “Domino”.

All in all, one hell of a ride!!